Services for advisers

The problem solvers

When a client approaches you with a complex problem, you can turn to us. As a trusted partner, we are here to enhance your existing service offering and help you deliver exceptional solutions for your clients.

We understand the relationships that exist between principals and their advisers and this enables us to manage our involvement without risk of disintermediation. We are adept at managing complex relationships, working across multiple jurisdictions and with multi-disciplinary teams of advisers.

You can access our services on a project or mandate basis or we can become a retained partner. At all times, we will be working with you to enhance your existing client offering, through our un-conflicted and discreet service.


Turning challenges into opportunities

Investigation, Protection and Recovery

We are a team of experienced problem solvers. If your client has approached you with a complex challenge, we are available to provide the solution that will enable you to serve them better.

Whether it’s securing properties overseas, enhancing security at home or online, protecting reputation or recovering assets, we can be relied upon to deliver swift effective and discreet advice and support at the right time and in the right place to protect what matters most.

Every solution comprises a combination of operational, legal and communications activity. Our strength lies in sourcing, coordinating and managing the correct capability mix to deliver the most appropriate response to any situation.

Driving better decision-making

Asset advisory

By developing a single consolidated view of your client’s entire assets and liabilities, we are able to provide a new perspective on how different decisions might impact overall performance across all asset classes.

We will produce timely reports outlining properties and investments, businesses and charitable trusts, wherever they exist and however they are managed. We will determine how the current structures are performing and define any opportunities, risks or unnecessary costs. We can then co-ordinate the management of these assets, supporting you in helping your client achieve their objectives.

Your partner in progress

Operational Consulting

When families and businesses are going through times of change it is vital to retain control of the process. We will help you establish the operating structures and frameworks that will enable your clients to do just that.

Whether it’s a business acquisition, sale, partial disposal or restructuring, we provide the data you and they need to make informed decisions. We will also identify the most cost-effective means of improving efficiency and provide un-conflicted advice on how best to achieve the necessary enhancements. If required, we are also able to co-ordinate and manage the entire project to ensure it is delivered on time and on budget.

Forward. Together.

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