The value of assessment

We’re taught that assumptions in business are dangerous (Drucker). So how do we stop being misled by our reactions to information and break away into meaningful analysis, when assumptions are so much a part of everyday life. The trick (we think) isn’t to ignore assumption, but to see it as the starting point and understand that experience and wisdom are layers of patterns we’ve built up to save time and energy. What we want is the objective information beneath. Processes and tools often help guide us to identify assumptions and avoid bias. The ongoing assessment of information is invaluable to understanding a situation, it’s impact and problem solving. An effective assessment should enable a decision/action cycle with clear outcomes. We enable our business processes with tools to enhance our access to and analysis of structured and unstructured data, and we constantly review our sources to build our ultimate understanding and deliver insightful assessments that crucially enable clients. Get in touch if you want to know more.